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Truck Mounted Platforms

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 The Multitel truck mounted model range. Click on the specific series, and the range will appear.




J300 TA

J2 300TA



J2 383 TA

We are the exclusive distributor for MULTITEL platforms in the UK and Ireland. MULTITEL Pagliero is Europe's premiere and largest manufacturer of truck mounted platforms. In 2008 they manufactured more than 1000 units of truck mounted access platforms. Today annual capacity is close to 1200 units.

They are market leaders in France, Italy and the Benelux countries as well as being major players in Germany, Scandinavia and other countries of Europe. In the UK we began working with MULTITEL in 1988. Over the past five years year on year our sales of Multitel products into the UK market have increased as we increased not only our UK sales volume but also our UK market share. Multitel offer a quality range of products. Most of the platforms we sold in the 1980’s and 1990’s are still in service today.

In 2011 Multitel Pagliero celebrated its centenary. Established in 1911 by the Grandfather of the present owners, the company remains a family owned business that exports a major proportion of its output.

The Multitel range of truck mounted access platforms includes models with working heights from 13m up to 85m. The company have for many years been in the vanguard of new technical developments in the field of access platforms.

Our web site gives an overview of the multitel range. For a more comprehensive view of the full product range and to download data sheets visit www.multitelgroup.com. You can also see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE ON TRUCK MOUNTS UNDER THE HEADING NEW MODELS.

The multitel range of vehicle mounted platforms can be divided into several different groups.