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Spider/Crawler Platforms

MULTITEL SMX170  - This is the smallest of the models in the MULTITEL SMX range of low profile spider/crawler platforms.

Based on the highly successful MX170 platform the SMX170 is the same boom structure of the truck mounted platform but mounted on a sturdy crawler base. The product is a unit with a very small base but a platform with a large cage and excellent working envelope. The cage can be readily removed to allow the unit to pass through a single standard doorway. Offering 17m of working height and nearly 8m of working outreach, 90 degree each way cage rotation, a light transit weight, small footprint but at the same time a 200 kg payload throughout the whole working envelope. 

Image 1

SMX170 standard features 

16.85m working height

7.85m working outreach

200kg Basket capacity throughout the entire operating area

90 degree Left & 90 degree Right hydraulic basket rotation

Kubota liquid cooled electric start diesel engine

Automatic self levelling stabilisers

"Push-button" automatic boom centering for easy stowing

Non-marking tracks


Multitel SMX 225 on road trailer

The SHX 190 was designed as a simple purely hydraulic machine, ideal for the domestic hire market. Offering 19m working height and a 200kg cage capacity to 8.6m working outreach, the SHX190 offers excellent value for money for a compact crawler machine with these characteristics.

The SMX225 is a 22.5m metre working height unit that is between 400 Kg and 600 Kg lighter than all other 22 or 23 metre spider platforms currently on the market. Weighing only 2500 Kg the SMX 225 can be transported using a standard trailer towed by a conventional 4 by 4 vehicle.

The SMX 225 has narrow and wide jacking positions, over 10 metres maximum working outreach, a short transit length making it easy to manoueuvre in tight areas. Based on the successful Multitel MX225 truck mounted platform the boom structure on this new platform is well proven, and has the same STANDARD features as the SMX170 detailed above.

With the low profile aluminium boom design, all MULTITEL SMX machines are very stable when tracking across uneven surfaces.

SMX on trailer

The new SMX250 utilises the same base structure as the SMX225, so migrating between the two machines is straight forward. With 25.2m working height and up to 11.65m working outreach. Still with automatic outrigger levelling, 180 degree basket rotation & non-marking tracks there is no other machine on the market that has this transportability at just 2660kg.

All MULTITEL SMX & SHX machines are powered by a Kubota three cylinder water cooled diesel engine for outdoor work and an electric motor for indoor use as standard. Other power options are available as optional items. The ground controls are operated from a box on an umbilical cord for safety and full operator contol of all movements of the unit (track drive, outriggers & boom functions)

The unique geometry of the Multitel SMX 225 makes it ideal for operating in a wide range of different locations both inside and outside a building as well as on tasks such as tree surgery.

SMX 225 on Building Refurbishment