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MJ 201

A new truck mounted platform launched in 2012 by Multitel. The MJ 201 offers just over 20m of working height and up to 12.6m of working outreach from a compact base and a platform unit mounted on a 3.5 ton chassis cab. A conventional front mounted telescopic boom platform with fly jib the Multitel MJ 201 is quite unique for a platform of this size in that the jib boom is also telescopic. This gives the MJ 201 several advantages over other platforms of a similar size and geometry. It has much better up and over geometry as a result of the telescopic fly jib. It also has  a below ground capability.

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MX 220 on Iveco 4 by 4

MX 220

Mounted on an Iveco 55S17W the Multitel MX 220 offers 22m of working height and 9.8m of outreach with 200kg in the cage. It has cage rotation of 90 degrees each way and an automatic single button centreing system to aid stowing the platform correctly. The low centre of gravity of the platform when mounted on the Iveco chassis means it is ideal for driving on or off road.

SMX 250 HD

SMX 250 HD

A heavy duty version of the SMX 250. Designed with special rough terrain tracks, a high powered Kubota diesel engine with a four speed drive system. Capable of travelling at 5 km/hr over the most unforgiving ground to access those sites where high level access is need but the site is difficult to get to. Over 25m of working height and 12m of working outreach.