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We are here to provide you with the best solution to whatever access problem you may have. With many years of experience in providing solutions to all types of access problems we are confident we can assist you. Our problem solving capability is based on experience, innovation and an understanding borne of many years in the business.

Indeed our lineage goes back to some of the first powered access platforms ever produced in the UK. The Beanstalk, first manufactured in the 1950's, was the forerunner to today's verticle access platforms. While the Safety Raiser and Giraffe were, and in some respects still are, industry standards. Although the early models of these latter platforms were manufactured more than 50 years ago many are still in service today in different parts of the world.

Our innovation in the field of access products has been on-going over many years. We were pioneers in the field of road-rail access platforms, in the field of insulated truck mounted platforms for live line working.

We were the first in the UK to offer 16 metre, then 20 metre then 22 metre platforms on 3.5 ton GVW chassis cabs.

In the aircraft manufacture, maintenance and airline sectors we have designed and built many innovative products to solve specific access problems.

In addition we have always offered a range of standard products to provide solutions to a range of different access problems.

It is with pleasure that we will advise you on the merits of each of the possible options available to solve a specific access problem. We await to hear from you.